Ancient Music Wednesdays : The Fisherman and the Woodcutter

Quoted from : Dialogue between the Fisherman and the Woodcutter is an ancient lyre music piece. There are over 30 versions of circulated music scores, some even with accompanying lyrics. The current music scores were first seen in the Ming dynasty. The music reflects the longing of hermit-minded person for a life of fishing and … Continue reading

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Ancient Music Wednesdays : “Synphoniaci” from Synaulia, Vol. 2 – Wind album.

Reconstructed ancient music fascinates me and I truly applaud those who ventures in this field. This music is a production from a project called SYNAULIA. Synaulia is of Walter Maioli, musician, paleorganologist , that from thirty years researchs , experiments and applies the sounds of the nature of the prehistory and of theantiquity. Please have a look … Continue reading