Tuesday Tunes : Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Tuesday Tunes : Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

In the light of my cousin’s wedding last weekend, I have to say that, love is in the air. And I need no soft lights to enchant me If you’ll only grant me the right to hold you ever so tight, yeah babe And to feel in the night, babe, the nearness of you … Continue reading

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My Ancestors are Seafarer / Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut

nenek moyangku orang pelaut / my ancestors are seafarer gemar mengarung luas samudra / relishing the vast ocean menerjang ombak tiada takut / against the waves, without fear menempuh badai sudah biasa / going through storms are usual routine angin bertiup layar terkembang / the wind blows and sail is up ombak berdebur di tepi … Continue reading