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Touching base on Christmas eve.

Time went by fast and slow ever since I moved to Jakarta six weeks ago. Adjusting to a new work situation is a combination of fun and a good kind of stress. Which is a good thing, a process I thank God for.
Adjusting to life in West Jakarta isn’t as difficult as I had imagined. The apartment where I began to call home is nice and nicely located. It is close to a really good wet market where people from Pontianak, Medan and Bangka sell their fresh produce and food. It is also close to where I work which is a good thing for Jakarta standards. Which means I wouldn’t have to deal with traffic. (Phew!)

I quickly collect lipsticks in my purse for some reason. This is something new for me. And I took time to take care of myself better. Yes, hello hair and skin care and other things that is soon to follow. It is probably because recently I became tad conscious about my age. Either that or I’ve become another victim of Marketing scheme, teehee.

Since six whole weeks ago there have been a lot of firsts and quite few celebrations in my little corner of life. As for the rest of Indonesia and the world, there are a number of things that I am unhappy about. 2016 has too many tragedy that humanity can handle really.

And here I am now on Christmas eve. Its a good time to be thankful to God, life and your closed ones and maybe, just maybe, to not give up hoping for peace upon earth.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🙂



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