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That Pecah Telor Moment

While the rest of the world thinks cracking of a single egg meant literally that, perhaps even in cases of political sense egg throwing is considered an action towards something/someone unpleasant, Indonesian cultures manages to layer meanings and made people cherishes it somehow. Seriously, I am curious, who started it??


After doing some research, cracking an egg carries much significance in various local Indonesian cultures. And please do correct me if I am wrong, cracking plain chicken eggs as a form of tradition is particular to Indonesia. The closest information I could get regarding egg cracking elsewhere is a Greek – Easter tradition which is a symbolism for tomb breaking at the time of resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Paskeegg, a Greek Orthodox tradition where eggs are painted red as a symbol of blood of Jesus Christ, the cracking signifies breaking of the tomb where Jesus Christ ressurect from his death.

In Javanese and Sundanese culture, breaking of an egg signifies a new relationship between a husband and wife. This involves devotion of a wife signified by cleaning the husband’s foot after stepping and breaking the egg. This also signifies a wish for good heredity and posterity (read:babies!). Now, I don’t know for sure, but I suppose eggs that are used in ceremonies are fertilized chicken eggs  or non-fertilized chicken eggs? (Readers help me out here? :D)


First, husband step on the egg until it breaks,then wife cleanses husbands foot.

Cracking of an egg (Pecah telur, pecah telor) in daily life signifies other moments as well. A moment of success, a moment of new hope and new beginnings. It is used as a term in daily conversation, such as when starting a new project, or in cases of starting a new building ‘pecah kendi’ (water jar made of clay). It is also probably why Indonesian likes to crack eggs of their fellow friends head or body on their birthday, too. I mean sure, we Indonesians love to make people inconvenient on their birthdays.  In Jogjakarta, I just learned, new army pilots will have eggs cracked on their heads upon graduation as part of ceremony or maybe even good omen (?).

I would like to know, does area where you live/ come from has certain tradition involving cracking eggs?

P.S: Speaking of pecah telor. I am having a pecah telor moment myself very recently. I am going to start a new job soon, I will be back to be doing museum work which I am happy and excited about. More about that on a later post 😉


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