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I’m going to miss the Obamas.

Eight years ago, and I still remember this, I was glued to television. Watching presidential debates and talking about it with my friends for weeks and weeks. Watching a heartfelt moment at the time of voting result came in. I actually cried out happiness at that time. I felt genuinely happy and hopeful for a better days to come, despite not being an American myself and 20,000+ km away from Washington D.C.

Indonesia in particular went crazy because of Barack Obama’s history with Indonesia and the fact that he likes Nasi Goreng that much that he has it on White House menu made Indonesian burst into tears. I mean guys, isn’t he loveable or what? The world went mad over the voting result. I mean, black president in the White House! It’s kind of a big deal.

Soon thereafter, people all around the world seen him all over the news and newspaper and talk show etc. until today. To me the family has its charm. They got the moves and the jokes, but also the sharp mind.


Despite all the politics that the world has gone through since. Despite the high hope that slowly fades away. For eight years the Obama’s has been part our lives on the news at the very least. Putting colors (yes, pun intended) on pages of our news. Soon enough, the pages will be white again (well at least it won’t be orange).

Here is a video of his speech at White House Correspondence Dinner a couple of months back which I thought to share it with you, because it is really fun to hear. It’s about 40 mins long though, so you might want to save it for after work time.

So, yeah, its weird perhaps for many of you, but I am sure going to miss the Obamas. 





9 thoughts on “I’m going to miss the Obamas.

  1. I kinda take it for granted that I live here during Obama’s term. I see him as a goodhearted person and genuinely works for the people. Oh I’m sure gonna miss this couple.
    And Michelle has always been inspired me to do my arm workout. Would love to see her running as a presidential candidate, US will be in strong hands (and arms).

  2. Wah sama banget aku dan R jug ngomongin ini.. we’ll miss the Obamas so much! R sih personally ngefans banget, karena dia merasakan langsung sepak terjangnya disana hehe aku penggembira aja, tp bener deh cool bgt mereka sekeluarga 🙂

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