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How I Remember Basel


I got to Basel by carpooling. Yes, you heard me correctly, carpooling. This was in 2012, I think. I was more at ease about traveling in Europe and feeling a bit more adventurous. I used to catch a ride from Berlin to Basel. It was a 8.5 hrs car ride with three other people who is was a complete stranger. It was just 20 Euro, so its a super cheap way for me to get to Basel. Plus, all that saving environment makes me feel I’ve done my part for earth, tee-hee.

After settling on the trip and a place to stay (I’m staying at a friends’ place from my time living in Singapore who is originally from Basel.), off I went to Basel early morning from Mitte. The people whom I share ride with were friends and heavy smokers. The good thing about it is, they stopped every 2-3 hrs drive for a smoke, which gives me time to stretch , get some fresh air and look at sceneries at pit stop. Overall it was a nice and relaxing ride.

The following day my destination is Art Basel. Although in retrospect, art fairs and activities which are also held all over town is more interesting than Art Basel itself (read: I can’t afford to buy expensive art haha). There is one activity in conjunction to Art Basel that makes it worth while though, Art Parcours. What it was is basically where you follow a trail that takes to buildings, houses, boats, church, parks, forts around town where you can find installation of artworks. Such a brilliant set up especially for me, who is looking forward to see the town and the arts.

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On weekends my friend took me to walk about town. Basel is easy on the eyes and easy to walk about, too. Almost every corner of the town has something nice to see. While we walk about town, we manage to find a small theatre where you could literally sit and watch people walking by. It was funny.

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One of the coolest thing I get to see in Basel was this, parkour performance. It was one of the events that happens during Art Basel which always happens in June, when the weather is transitioning from Spring to Summer. If you plan to be in Basel during these times, my tips would be to be on the lookout for flyers of events. I gotten to know this parkour performance through flyer people hand out outside Art Basel.

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And this is how I remember Basel.


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