That story about my knees.

I used to have wobbly and weak knees. Knee joint to be exact.

When I was a baby, and I know this from my mother, I could walk before it is my time for me to walk. I was a fat  healthy baby. My early wish to walk affect my leg growth apparently. My paediatrician put me on those doctor’s shoe for a while.

During high school, I was also fat   healthy and very active. And at some point, I overdid myself in a basketball match, and something happened to my knees. What it feels to me, the ligament slipped either to left or right. And it damn hurt and always makes me panic. The ligament slip usually slip back to its normal place after a while, but the wait… gosh, it was hell. Later on I learn that this condition is called Patellar Instability.


The painful slip occurs over and over again for more than a decade. The slip happens because a number of reason: when I am too tired ( for instance, walking too much), when the walking path is slippery or, and get this, when I am stressed. Basically, it could happen anytime. Ask all my friends, I must have fallen once while walking with them at some point in time.

I worry a lot about my knee for more than a decade, can you imagine? In short, it was quite mentally crippling. I am scared of doing many types of sport that involves running. I used knee protector like a 70 year old. I had a consultation once with a Orthopaedic specialist, my own uncle. And one of his advice is to stick with low impact sports and also, loose weight. He he. I mean, I am not THAT overweight, but since my knee joints are sensitive and weak, that extra weight didn’t help. And I continued to be worried about my knees for very long time.


That changes after I do plenty of cycling and learned horseriding. I learn horseriding and had to cycle an hour and back to get to the riding school. That in combination of falling off horses quite numerous time apparently effective in strengthening my knee joints. I have hardly no episode of ligament slip ever again since the last two years. I even started running for my exercise, fear no more!. I felt so proud of myself to be able to rise through my wobbly and weak knees.

And that is the story about about my knees.



9 thoughts on “That story about my knees.

  1. Semoga terus sehat dan kuat ya 🙂 olahraga berenang juga bisa membantu..lutut saya termasuk lemah, setelah rajin berenang sekarang bisa bawa scuba tank di punggung naik turun tangga 😀

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