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Television Series 2016, My Picks

You know how some snobs would say things like “oh I don’t watch TV anymore”? This is how I respond albeit only in my imagination, because I am too polite such a coward to offend anyone at face :


Snobberies aside, I am so grateful that most of us now can curate our own TV entertainment. It is the blessing of 21st Century really. And I actually enjoy waiting for a week to watch the next episode instead of binge watching. So I say, long live television (and God Bless the Internet).

Here are some of new TV serials (released in last quarter of 2016) that I see plenty of chance of me following the entire season :

This Is Us

The serial cover only describes that it is stories of people who were born on the same day. It is simple, nice and intriguing enough for me to want to watch it. And I am glad I did. The serial is an NBC production and not written by Shonda Rhimes. (Hahaha, I mean I love you Shonda, but I need diversity). The serial is written by Dan Fogelman, who also wrote Fred Claus (2006), which I personally find memorable.

So I really enjoyed the pilot, I thought it was heartwarming. It immediately presents personal conflicts and struggles these people are facing in their life. And I immediately fell in love with the characters. I mean,  It has just a good mix of drama and a bit of comedy. It genres itself as dramedy which I find sounding ridiculous, but OK. 

The Good Place

Now this is more of a surrealistic type of story. It is about what life is like in the afterlife in a place called The Good Place. Eleanor made it into the Good Place because there has been a mix up of soul database. Since her arrival a number of mishaps going on in The Good Place.

There are no cursing possible in The Good Place. Eleanor kept saying fork when what she meant to say… well you know, fork. She is trying to earn her place in the Good Place by learning to be a good person from her ‘soulmate’ (oh, yeah everyone in The Good Place lives with his/her soulmate) who is/was (I’m confused) a Professor of Ethics on earth.

I thought it was strange at first and nothing adds up, but then I mean it is a surreal world that The Good Place is creating. It’s cute, eclectic and funny too. I feel the storyline is running on the edge though, if the story doesn’t develop nicely then it could easily flop my interest.

Kevin Can Wait

Kevin Can Wait is more a feel good standard American sitcom. I already love Kevin James in King of Queens, so it is rather easy to like this one, too.


Hmm, I have to admit that I tried watching Bull because of local TV these days aired Mirna’s Murder Trial like almost everyday that it becomes somewhat reality tv show with Otto Hasibuan as its main character.

I wasn’t very convinced about the serial at first. It felt kind of unrealistic to simulate a dozen jury profiles into winning a case. It also kind of felt…pseudoscience. But then as the story develops, I began to like the interactions, personal stories of the jury and how the case are solved. However, I am still uncertain on whether or not it will still be interesting on the next episode.

So, these are my picks. What are your picks or latest favourites?





3 thoughts on “Television Series 2016, My Picks

  1. The Good Place sounds interesting, I haven’t heard of the others though, I saw This is Us’ trailer when you mentioned it on my post, it does look heartwarming.

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