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Minion Dives at Nusa Penida


After Tulamben, we all head off straight to Nusa Penida. The first plan was to sleep the night at Sanur before crossing to Nusa Penida, but we were more inclined to spend the night at Nusa Penida before the dive.

We arrive before 5 pm at Nusa Penida, checked in at the hotel and hung out at Octopus Dive. Right across it was a small hut cafe named Penida Colada. What a catchy name.

Two dive spots, Manta Point and Crystal Bay

As soon as our boat arrives, we joined about a million other boats that brings in groups of snorkelers and divers. Literally Mantas were swimming around on sea level and people were chasing them about. It wasn’t a very wavy day our Dive leaders said, but wavy enough for me to feel a little sick while on the boat.

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Our Dive Master leader that day is an Italian lady named Erika. Very cool with her dread lock hair! Along with DM Fanny and DM Ismail ( who is also a volunteer for PMI by the way (!) ). We went in and immediately we were swung right and left inside the sea, its like being rocked like a baby. It’s a strangely nice experience, with white sandy bottom and lovely marine life around us. There was a point where we passes a huge sandy bottom area and it feels like being in a dessert with winds on our ears.

We did not see Mantas during our dive, but the nice thing about scuba diving is, there are always plenty else to see and enjoy in the sea. We saw large squids, smaller ray fish, who doesn’t seem to be bothered by us because it keeps swimming closer to us. The sea landscape is very different than at Tulamben and such a delight on its own to experience. The corals are large and healthy and we were lucky Visibility is good.

The water gets cold quite quickly once you reach 17-18 m deep that I could see my fingers wrinkles in a second. I was warned about this and not to get panic over it. I used 3.00 mm thick wetsuit and adjusted okay with the change of temperature.

The downside :

  • Perhaps because it is a more popular diving site, there are also more garbage like plastics and bottles. It is kind of annoying and makes me wish I could just pick it all up. People please mind your garbage!
  • On a high season where people seems to be on a craze to see Manta’s and Mola-mola’s at its season, boats are everywhere! It can get very noisy under the sea. The problem comes from divers who are very ambitious to see Mola-mola that they wished to be picked up at far end instead of returning to their boat. Pfft, there should be a regulation about this really.

Is Nusa Penida worth revisiting?

Definitely. There are plentiful of diving spots to go around for more than a week of diving. Perhaps, just perhaps one day I’ll do a diving retreat here 🙂 ( Can I hear an amen? )

This morning I was happily surprised by pashatama’s post on 9 things to love about Nusa Penida, there are indeed plenty to love about Nusa Penida other than diving, too. We managed to squeeze in Pantai Klingking, Broken Beach & Angel’s Billabong after our dive. Do check out Sea Walking and Angel’s Billabong on her post!



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