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Minion Dives at Tulamben

At the moment of writing this I am still overwhelmed and processing the entire diving trip with IG:@sekolahdivingbandung and Octopus Dive I had over the course of 6 days with 9 dives. Four diving spots at Kepulauan Seribu and five diving spots in Bali. The first four was an impromptu trip to substitute my brother because he caught terrible flu. The last five was planned a while back together with my diving buddy Rani, baby bro and our instructor. Both trips were back to back. I will divide my stories into three parts, Tulamben, Nusa Penida and Kepulauan Seribu. Prepare for photo galore!



Minion diving through parts of Liberty Shipwreck.


What to prepare before diving

The thing to know about diving is that you don’t get to be in the water for too long or too often. You depend fully on sea condition, your health and your own diving skills. You want to make sure that each dive will be a good one to experience. So, do know your body. Make sure to be fit near the time of your diving trip, eat well (refrain from sambal as much as you can :D, which is terribly hard for me to do ) and rest enough during the trip.

Tulamben Diving Experience


We arrived in Bali in the afternoon and we stayed the night at Paradise Resort before the dive. It was a good decision since driving there from the airport takes 3 hours with traffic and winding road. 

What is special about Tulamben diving to me is what divers call ‘beach entry’. This beach entry was my first time and we were very lucky to have a calm, clear visibility (20m!) throughout the dives that day. The diving spot we went to was Liberty Shipwreck, Drop Off and Coral Garden. 

Liberty Shipwreck

The next day, we woke up really early to prepare for 6.30 am dive. The three of us were accompanied by Dive Master Agus and Dive Master Fanny. After few instruction, off we dive to Liberty Shipwreckand it was AH-MAY-ZING. Since the visibility is so good, we immediately saw the stern of the USAT Liberty right after we descent. Its huge! I mean you’ve heard about the size, but experiencing it yourself is different. I mean, its huge!

More about USAT Liberty diving site, you can read here.

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Our photos at USAT Liberty diving site taken by IG:@sekolahdivingbandung with Canon Powershot G16

Another nice thing  about Liberty Shipwreck diving site is that there are minimum number of boats above us, so you experience calm dive even though you occasionally met other groups of scuba divers or free divers. We dive up to about 20 m deep, but shipwreck itself reaches 30 m deep.

Granted there are plenty of places to dive around and marine life is abundant. Liberty Shipwreck is a place to see and be seen by fishes. I saw many fishes along the way stop their swimming to have a good look at us. Very funny experience. Amongst many other marine life, we also get to see Bumphead who swam not too far from us, Barracuda, pretty parrot fishes and my favorite fish by far, Sweetlips. We were lucky enough to see schooling fish too! Such a delight to watch.


Our second dive that day is Drop- Off. This site is just too pretty to describe, I don’t even know where to begin. Drop- off is a diving site that is unique because its in a shape of a really large wall- again I have to stress that it is really LAAHRGE. One could dive up to 70 m deep. This time again we were diving only until about 20 m.

Corals are large and healthy and abundant marine life too see. So much so, I feel like I dont want to miss anything by blinking my eyes. There are a bit currents against us reaching our minute 20 of our dive which was a little exciting. And then we head back to shore with a tiny drift diving. Not bad to gain diving experience with currents for basic diver like us.

At Drop-Off, we get to see more Bumpheads, quite a few Lion Fish, a really large stone fish, another schooling fish, this time right in front of me! and one curious spotty puffer fish amongst other marine life of course.

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Our photos at Drop Off diving site was taken by IG:@sekolahdivingbandung with Canon Powershot G16

Coral Garden

Coral Garden is our third and last dive that day. It was a relatively easy dive and we get to see stone sculptures that was intentionally planted there. A very picturesque site for selfie generation like ourselves. This time we get to bring our GoPro charged with full battery. We did not get to use it the first two dives because we forgot to charge the battery. (What a rookie! 😛 ) At Coral Garden we were immediately greeted by Moray eel and then later on by Ribbon eel.

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Our photos at Drop Off diving site was taken by IG:@sekolahdivingbandung & Agus with Canon Powershot G16 and GoPro Hero 3+.

Is Tulamben worth revisiting?

Oh my, absolutely. With more diving experience I would love to do more dive around, inside and through the shipwreck. I could do with many dives at Drop Off, too.  Next time I will make sure our GoPro battery is fully charged !

Next up : Minions Dives at Nusa Penida


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