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Sugar and Salt


So,  I’m not the kind of person who is obsessed about health and healthy food, but I maintain curiosity on what I eat and drink especially when it comes in packages. To do so, I check and compare on Nutritional Facts every now and again – it is sort of my quirk these days.

When reading food labels, I can quickly understand some ingredients like Calories, or Fat or Vitamin D. While others, not so much, particularly since simple ingredients like sugar and salt have like a gazillion different names and in some weird measurement standard ( how does one fit 1090 mg of Natrium in  ONE noodle packet??). Who has the same problem here? I find this strange names and measurements particularly annoying, but it is what it is.

Whatever your dietary requirements are, I think it would be beneficial to first learn how to read Nutritional Facts / Food Labels. This chart is the one I found on an Australian government page which I find the most helpful, you can also download it here. I find it is most interesting to realise that health claims such as “Low Fat” or “Healthy Snack” could potentially be the opposite.


Secondly, to adjust your limitations to your own dietary requirements. For example, in my case, as an Asian person ( I found an interesting short read on Asian Diets from Harvard School of Public Health, which I think would be a useful knowledge for my fellow Asians. You can read it here), I’m most concern about two intakes, sugar and salt, particularly because Asian foods generally uses plenty good amount of them already. Adding more intake from what I already consume would make me prone to say diabetes and high blood pressure in the long run. (No, thank you.)

I say it isn’t too much of an effort to check food labels every now and again. Do have a look at the chart 🙂 and get used to being aware of what you eat and drink.





4 thoughts on “Sugar and Salt

  1. i used to read the label, not anymore. gee…
    some said if you read the label, and know nothing about more than 3 ingredients, skip that food.thx for reminding

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