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How I Remember…


I’m starting a series of posts about my past travels. It’s called How I Remember. It is kind of an attempt to sort memories, photos and I suppose to a certain extent reflect on the past travels I did since 2006.

The idea came about not too long ago, when I realise that I’ve been keeping thousands of photos in the back of my hard drive. Just there, sitting, piling up, which is kind of sad. I always have this great idea that I will print them one day and make like a wall decoration project, or a scrapbook with fun stickers and notes. I mean that would be great right?

Nah, slim chance that will happen anytime soon.

So, here I am, conserving memories through photos, storytelling or poems etc. which I hope you could also enjoy. I will try my very best to post every Thursday and everyone is invited. (Bring your own beverage though šŸ˜‰ )

PS: I made the invitation with Canva. User friendly and quick graphic design making :).

Wish me luck!



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