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Five, no, Six Skills For Life

I feel with all the tech and the apps  these days, I’ve been neglecting some of the ‘analog’ life skills that I would want to add for my daily life. This is a short list for the time being :

1.Knife Skills, Meat Carving

I’ve been noticing lately that there are many instances where I wish I knew better in using knife. I mean there is a part of me that breaks a little when my perfect roast chicken messily carved or that juicy lamb leg chopped like carrots. This profanity cannot continue! Must learn proper meat carving! (and other knife skills).

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.58.25 AM

What proper turkey carving looks like. (Cakep kan!)


2. First Aid, CPR, Heimlich Maneuver etc.

I’m arranging to enrol in a training for obvious reason.


Found an image from Greek potteries of soldiers performing binding battlefield wounds.

3. Change a tire and other basic car maintenance.

I’ve done it.. once before. But, it would be nice to know better. I use car almost every other day yet I know very little about cars. This is also a necessity with bicycles, because I use them every other day, too.


4. Select Good Produce and Fruits (and haggle prices)

This is a skill one should learn since young from their parents whenever going to a grocer or markets. I mean don’t you hate it when you get yourself, say a kilo of avocado, and half of them taste horrible and you paid more than you probably should?


Market Photo taken by Athifa Rahmah

5. Spices & Herb Mixing

One of the great thing about Indonesia is its variety of spices and herbs to play around with. Wait, correction, no no Indonesian never play around with its spices and herbs, we take this very seriously. So, yes, it would be nice to have this particular skill. And I hope in the (near) future I would have large enough piece of land to grow my own spices and herbs garden.


6. Organising cables

Neatly organised wires and cable around the house will give you and the rest of the family a calm and peaceful mind. Am I right or am I right?



4 thoughts on “Five, no, Six Skills For Life

  1. Bourdain mentioned in his book: A good knife is essential in your kitchen. So there you go, knife skill begins with an excellent chef knife.

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