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Just keep swimming…

For the last couple of months my choice of exercise is swimming, combined with some cardio exercise. Swimming brings me back to my childhood memories. I have an aunt who is a gymnast and swimmer who taught me how to swim since I was very young. The swimming lesson involves having me drowned and swim for my life, haha, survival skill lesson at its best. For strange reason I feel like surviving life every time I swim ( badam tsch!).

My preference is to swim on an olympic size swimming pool, less than that I consider it as “mere playing with water”. Swimming gear such as swimsuit, goggles and cap are standard items. For skin protection I tend to use virgin coconut oil and none of those sunblocks with SPFs. The reason being .. I just never like sunblocks/ sunscreen, they are icky. I apply VCO before swimming and after showering instead.


I did not mean this to be some kind of product placement in a blog post, I swear.

There are many different ways to create swimming workout (obviously).  For myself I spent about 1-2 hours in the swimming pool one or two times per week, three if it is a stressful week. Minimum 1000 m  (which can normally be done in  less than 30 minutes when fit ) combined with cardio exercise like jumping jacks, plank or burpees every 500 m and a warm up and cooling down. I adjust swimming speed fast and slow as I see fit.

History of Swimming

Evidence of recreational swimming in prehistoric times has been found, with the earliest evidence dating to Stone Age paintings from around 10000 years ago. Written references date from 2000 BC, with some of the earliest references to swimming including the Illiad, the Oddysey, the Bible and the Quran the . In 1538, Nikolaus Wynmann, a German professor of languages, wrote the first swimming book, Der Schwimmer oder ein Zweigespräch über die Schwimmkunst. You have to hand it to them Europeans to make everything sounds uber philosophical.


This isn’t from Der Schwimmer, I just find this hilarious.

If you need a reason to swim

Here it is.


Also, it comes in handy in case of flood, emergency airplane landing on sea or whenever you fell of a boat on a river or seasides. Tee-hee.

What’s your exercise these days dear readers?


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