The story of Paddington Brown and I


Believe it or not my love for Paddington Brown began with a supermarket visit. Not through cartoons nor story book but supermarket promotional item.The first time I saw it I knew I wanted one. The story goes that I could get my hands on this bear only through months of collecting supermarket coupons. That teddy bear sticks with me through years and sometime he travels with me as well.

Back then I have yet to understand my strong attraction to this particular teddy bear, I just know that I love this bear and his hat and his coat. Later on I learn more about Paddington and I think this character is the dearest of all. This bear arrived in London all by himself looking for a place he could call a new home, which akin to how I feel often times the past few years, looking for a new home. He is the sweetest polite bear on earth and beyond.

Here is a link to one of my favorite Paddington series, Paddington and the Old Master.


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