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International Women’s Day 2016

As a woman who lives in 21st Century, I made a point to keep a good sense of perspective about as much things gender related issues. One of the things I do is keeping update through online magazines such as Role Reboot:  Life, Off Script and The Magdalene. The reason I like these two online magazines are they have a good mix of expert/social activist and first person point of view writings. It is somewhere between academic journal and online forums, so you get a good context to understand a certain matter.


Another thing is I realised as Indonesian woman is that we have to make sure to rely on ourselves to get proper knowledge on women’s health and never rely on ‘katanya’ (or what they said). Some of the resource I like to read every now and then on women’s health is Healthy Women: Informed, Empowered and PlannedParenthood. Sometimes I visit Angsa Merah’s blog to know local issues.

What are your reads? I’m curious to know 🙂



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