Tuesday Tunes : Yann Tiersen

yanntiersen-storevega_MGL6374xsAfter Amelie, Yann Tiersen have been productive in music production that is completely unexpected to my ears. I was like “but this is not you I fell in love with, I refuse!”. But then I realize I was being a little unfair the past years, I mean surely a musician can have many sides of expression (note to self).

Anyway, I am very happy Yann Tiersen wrote piano pieces again. Porz Goret is one of ten new piano pieces released December 2015  in an album titled EUSA. The piece comes with a beautiful note that makes me want to go outside and hug trees ( or something along that line. )

Now it’s time to slow down, now it’s time to look around.

Two years ago, I went cycling with my fiancée through the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park of the Californian Lost Coast.

The cycling was hard work over difficult terrain but the trip was largely uneventful — until one afternoon when we realised that we were being pursued by a mountain lion. We were chased for five hours before we reached safety.

This event changed my perception of life and nature forever. I realised that at that exact place and time we were nothing but food for a beautiful cat on his land and, by extension, that what we are is always relative to where and when we are; that our sense of self is made up of what we feel to be our home.

So — I am the granite stones of my house which were once rocks in the sea, I am ‘gwalarn’, the northwest wind that blows over the island of Ushant and all over Brittany, I am the sheep’s wool, I am the smell of the moor, I am the dead trees and the ones still standing, I am my music and my music is all of this. I’m not a big city and I’m not Montmartre — I am my island, I am the wildernesses I have cycled through. And it’s for this reason that I have decided that I want to play and record my new album entirely outdoors, in wild spaces around the world. It’s my plan to travel the world finding untrammelled natural places to record in and have those places work their way into my music.

And so this is the purpose of my new website and its three sections.

I will use the Work in Progress section to keep you updated about the composition and recording of the album.

In the World Cycle Journey section, I will document the cycling tour that I began in Norway last year. We will ride and play once a year — performing live and meeting people from all over the world along the way.

Under E Kreiz Ar Mor, I will tell you more about my home Ushant, or ‘Eusa’, and about my country ‘Breizh’ and its beautiful language. Linking into this is a new series of piano works and accompanying field recordings which are linked to specific sites on ‘Eusa’ — like a musical topography of my home in the middle of the sea.



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