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Midnight kitchen visits

Who here likes to visit kitchen around midnight time for snacks? I am definitely one of those person. These are five must-haves in my kitchen for my midnight cravings.

  1. Peanut butter

Once every few nights, I like myself a spoonful of peanut butter. I shall just lick it of my spoon slowly while watching a short cartoon like Adventure Time. My kind of peanut butter is crunchy-chunky peanut butter. Peanut butter also great to have with banana, however I don’t always have banana ready at home.


2. Popcorn

I recently find myself liking corn cooked in anyway. Popcorn is one of them. It is easy and quick and pops. I make popcorn with kettle, not those microwaves ones. Making popcorn with kettle reminds me of my childhood.  I make popcorn with coconut oil and just a bit of salt. Enough to make me a happy camper.


3. Warm water and lime/ lemon. 

On a cold night or whenever I am down with flu. I slice lime or lemon and pour hot water in a large mug. And I would hug that mug. Sometimes I added honey.


4. Any kind of alcohol. 

Although my favourite would be Long Island Ice Tea or Vodka Cranberry. I prefer without ice please, thank you.


5. Chips. 

Potato chips. Cassava chips. Banana chips. Fruit chips. Bitter gourd chips. Bitter gourd? Yes. They taste great. See here for recipe.

bittergourd chips

Bittergourd chips Source

What’s your favourite midnight snacks?



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