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A little story about candles

Ever since I went to Buren bij Kaarslicht at Oude binnenstadt van Buren I have kept a certain fascination towards crafts of candle making. It was probably because of combination of snow, cold, darkness and all the lights about town was lit up that makes such an impression on me, not to mention children choirs were singing in their costumes, too. That evening one workshop was open and in production and it looks something similar like this, although the one in Buren is way better because it has several charming grandfathers who works in the workshop:


Candle workshop in the before time Source

The handcrafted candles from this type of workshop looks and feels different than those of manufactured ones, obviously. To me who have, most of her life know candles comes from a sad package when electricity is out (hello Indonesians, you all know what candle package I am talking about right?) , finding handcrafted candles is like small magic happening in front of her eyes. (Such a gullible heart I have, I know.) See here if you would like to see more on the process of handcrafted candles.

So, what do they look like? These tapered candles looks almost conical with slimmer pointy end and usually they come in pairs.

Trivial knowledge for you who goes about lighting candles on the days you need extra comfort, you might want to make sure that your candle is made from natural wax. Reason being 1) natural wax burns slower 2) smoke from paraffin is potentially bad for your health, see more here 3) production of natural wax candle is better for the environment!

How to Choose a Candle Wax


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