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Not in your Itinerary

In my solo travels, there are times where I don’t plan things out and give some space for other people’s interest to be part of my traveling experience. Not just any other people of course, but (nice) people you have met and talk to during your trip. It is sometimes nice to go to places you couldn’t possibly imagine of going, simply because it is nowhere described on the Internet or you dismiss it because it is none of your interest.

So, it takes a little while to dig in my memory of places I went to that wasn’t in my itinerary and here are some of them :

1. Nettuno, Italy.


I was acquainted with two fellow travellers, one is Irish and the other is Spanish at a bus station. I remember at that time I was just buying a ticket to Vienna. After we got talking, the Spanish girl mentioned that her mother used to live in a town called Nettuno which is an hour away by train from Rome and she asked if we’d be interested to join for a little trip “not in your itinerary, I bet”. So we did. It is a nice  little harbour town where they still practice their siesta religiously. The town has a nice little church and a Roman fort. Read more about Nettuno here


2. Leprasorium, Sungai Buloh, Malaysia.


So, what on earth brought me here? Well, a colleague’s interest to plants and nursery apparently. Which to my surprise I learn so much and see very nice plants around. The place is a colony designed by an Australian architect, where people with leprosy is treated and lived their entire lives until 90s. Who knew that a leprosy colony existed? And when I mean colony, it is a closed colony with its own stores, school, prison even their own currency. Thrifty Traveller wrote about this place here. And a feature on it here and a here.

3.Neukölln,  Berlin


Neukoln is a borough in the western part of Berlin that I discover over my journey to Prague. I took a little adventure to ‘hitchhike’ via Mitfahrgelegenheit. The guy I hitch with is apparently a mixed media artist who resides in Neukölln. He shares stories about the area and all the independent art communities and activities that is happening in the area. I get the chance to visit properly not long after I return from Prague. Its a great area if you like seeing raw art / punk life. One night on my way home (which is at Mitte), there were these two musician playing their cello and violin on a veranda for an impromptu show.

Anyone has the same story of places you visit that isn’t in your itinerary?



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