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Questions for women artists from Southeast Asia

As I have mentioned before I am currently researching on artistic ecosystem for women artist in Southeast Asia. Below are some questions I asked them. I wonder if any of you are artists from Southeast Asia and interested to answer these questions, if you do, you can send it over to martha.vija [at] :

1. What are the advantages of being a woman artist coming from the Southeast Asian region?

2. How does art, in your experience as an artist, empower you and your family/friends?

3. What is it that you would like to see more from women (Southeast Asian) in the arts ?

4. What sort of art ecosystem that would encourage creation for you? (Consider your surroundings, education, emotional support, financial support, time, your role in the family etc.)

5. Consider your life as an artist – is there a man in that ecosystem and what are their roles in your life?


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