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Looking back to my younger years, there are quite a number of games I’ve played. From the traditional ones, to board games to computer based ones. Name Congklak, Engklek, Gobak Sodor, Kelereng, Egrang, Lompat Karet, Monopoli, Uno, Dam-daman, Gapleh, Kartu to mention quite a few. And growing up, my father and uncles like to play video games on Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Macintosh and PC so every now and then I get to try new games and play with them or my cousins.  We would  play Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Minesweeper and the list continues.

I played scrabble a lot and compete representing my high school. I played bowling and tennis on Wii player a couple of times and in real life, too. I enjoy any kind of simulation games. Like these ones. I played The Sims for a while even though a lot of time was spent designing and decorating the house instead of playing the simulations itself, which is rather ironic. When Sim City came out, it was such a memorable time. My father is an urban planner, so it is only natural for him to be excited in playing it and showed it to his children.

I short when it comes to games, I only have one rule: ‘try everything (at least) once’.

Since my lover works in the game industry as a game developer, I have the perks of knowing an array of games sometimes even before the game is released.  We would play games together, or, he watch me play or the other way around. And just like with books and films we then do a discussion about the game. When we’re lucky we found games with really good narratives, interesting game play or nice aesthetics. Below are three of highlights so far:

1. Dear Esther

2. Kerbal Space Programme

3. Cities : Skyline

Which games are your highlights?


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