(not) Ancient Music Wednesday: Domenico Scarlatti’s Fugue in G minor (K. 30, L. 499) or Cat’s fugue or La Fuga del Gatto.

For my AMW (Ancient Music Wednesday) I usually spare time to seek nice musical piece to share here. Sometimes I learn about a pretty piece like this one, The Cat’s Fugue. The legend says that Scarlatti, like many artists, have a pet cat. This pet cat, Pulcinella, has inclination to walk across his keyboard time and again. Scarlatti found himself always curious about sounds his cat produces. One day, he writes down a motif which then became a lead of his Fugue.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.15.18 AMIt is probably just me, but throughout my experiences around piano and cats, they seem to always fall on the lowest notes and walked to higher notes. Coincidence?


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