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My quest in learning classical Latin

About mid year 2014 I started learning Classical Latin. I did not have extra money to spare to take special courses for this, but I do have the time and determination for it. I did a research on which book to use for exercise reading and writing and found this book from Hillard and Botting which I think would be proper to begin with.

41WYY8WYCWL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The book has hundreds of translation exercises from Latin to English and English to Latin progressing from a sentence towards more complexities of the language. I thought my choice of purchase of this book is good value, the exercises keeps you busy processing how words and sentences are built in classical Latin instead of the modern way of learning language – which is to start with what the language rules would be like. The first page of this book gives a straightforward exercise to selected sentences. This book does not take it easy on you as a student of Latin, which is exactly why I like the book.

I use the grammar table from the National Archive to accompany me completing exercises and Latin Lexicon to check declensions and tenses. For listening and speaking, I listen to Radio Bremen for their news broadcast. For reading, I do short stories or short historical excerpt (when I say short, that would be one or two paragraph short). I do not yet have the stamina for long reads. And when that gets a bit too much, I seek to listen to beautiful choral music compositions like these :


2 thoughts on “My quest in learning classical Latin

  1. Hi Aya, salam kenal ya… Anyway, when I was in high school I wanted to learn Latin, since I loved songs sung in Latin by Enya… I got in touch with a professor of Latin from Germany (my parents’ friend) and managed to learn a bit, but then I stopped because I couldn’t really practice with anyone… It’s a beautiful language…. Love the choral music compositions….

    • The language is beautiful and twists your mind a little bit at the same time :D. Such a pity that you stopped learning, there are many ways to practice.. like singing for example :).

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