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My Ancestors are Seafarer / Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut

nenek moyangku orang pelaut / my ancestors are seafarer
gemar mengarung luas samudra / relishing the vast ocean
menerjang ombak tiada takut / against the waves, without fear
menempuh badai sudah biasa / going through storms are usual routine

angin bertiup layar terkembang / the wind blows and sail is up
ombak berdebur di tepi pantai / waves are crashing by the bay
pemuda b’rani bangkit sekarang / youth be brave now
ke laut kita beramai-ramai / to the sea! all at once!

There is something genuinely optimistic about this children song written by Ibu Sud in the 80s. The kind of spirit that believes in the young generation and their future ahead. A music production devoted entirely to children’s music in Indonesia is relatively rare, despite of the 250 million people who lives in the archipelago.

Last November, Tetangga Pak Gesang did an artist residency called Ekspedisi Liwuto Pasi where they spent time sailing from island to island and creating music with the children from Buranga, Kaledupa. Marco Kusumawijaya showed a beautiful impromptu video of them singing with the children by the bay to me. It is a shame that video wasn’t uploaded anywhere. But, alas, this is the music they made.




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