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240 hour of year 2015 or forest, scented candles and the non-aligned.

Bandoeng en omstreken, map from 1882. Map plate taken from


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 11.49.21 AM

Google satellite image of Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda, Bandung, 2015

Well, there we have it, almost the 240th hour of 2015.

I spent my first day this year doing two things : first, saying bon voyage to my brother, Anton, who is leaving for Darmstadt, Germany and second, in the afternoon walking in the forest nearby my house in Bandung. First walking by a cliff following a river, passing 1900s artificial Japan and Dutch ammunition cave and straight to the deer conservation area.

What I really like about this urban forest is that it has a collection of trees from all over the world. Mahogany from Uganda and Kigellia aethiopica are just some of the trees that grew here and stood happily along with Javanese and Mollucan trees. And these are just tiny bit of what the forest has to offer. And I suppose I just realised that this forest could also be a remembrance of the Non-Aligned spirit from the Asia-African Conference in 1955. I suspect some of the trees was planted during those times was brought by the leaders that came at that time. It is quite romantic to think about these 60 year old trees and their connection with the Asia-African spirit.

On a different note here is the forest walk/hiking track I did. This is just a half of the track. I did not track my walk back because my phone ran out of battery. Woe is my 21st century life.











The first days of 2015 -now that the rainy season is here – we get really lovely skies most afternoons and you can see mountain lines that surrounds Bandung and sometimes  you can even even see its details of vegetation. The weather is nice for swimming and cycling, which I certainly have made use of. The photo below doesn’t do justice to the beautiful skies of Bandung. I should really learn how to take landscape photography.

Bandung sky from my parents house.

Bandung sky from my parents house.

I have also spend lovely times with my friends because I won’t be able to see them in the next couple of months. Indeed I will be leaving to the Netherlands next Tuesday. Last night, Tina gave me an aromatherapy candle that she recently develop for her Botanina products. The candle is scented with ginger and orange. I can’t wait to light it.


Aromatherapy candles from my dear Tina.


Jalan Ekologi

The neighbourhood where my parents live is a nice area. It is a housing area developed by Padjajaran University, it is located in a hilly part of Bandung and it is lush green with trees, shrubs and other plants. However recently, one of the neighbours on my parents street sold the land to housing complex behind us. What this means is, there will be this huge cemented wall on what used to be their facade of the street. It is quite awful to look at. Idea : Huge cemented wall turned into vertical garden.


Soon to be cemented wall on Jalan Ekologi, 9 January 2015




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