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Week 5 : The beginning of rainy season.

The start of rainy season

I imagine the phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ means gibberish here.

It is the second week into November and the rainy season has really started. All wet and cold. And your sandals are no longer sufficient to walk around with due to mud over flow. To be honest, I quite like it. Not the mud, but the weather. If there is a choice whether I were to live in a cold weather or hot/warm weather, I choose colder weather. Cold weather keeps you moving and water makes me happy.

People here have started planting: cassava, corns, paddy, ground nuts, talas, sayur-sayuran: bayam, mentimun, tomato, terong, kacang panjang, waluh, kangkung, tremes, pare, pepaya, jahe, kencur, …..

It is rather obvious to have a simple map that shows what is being planted in the rainy season. Also what is planted in dry season.

Yesterday I read an essay using the word proto-urban instead of village. This intrigued me. Perhaps the word proto-urban is more of a fit word to name Muntuk.

Comet Landing and Disrepancies

Two days ago, mankind manages to land a probe on a comet 500 million km away. Meanwhile, most people here could not care less about map or mapping. Some of them could not even read maps. To me it is almost unthinkable that one could not read a map, but there we have it.

Iwan Pranoto an Indonesian intellectual once said that Indonesian does not live in the 21st Century, they live in 21 centuries all together. I thought that was very apt to explain what Indonesia society is like.

The family tree thing did not work out very well. It is a little difficult to get them in the mood to draw out their family tree. It could be because I did not give enough direction and with combination of  that these kids could not sit still for very long at their age. I hope I can try it again next week.

I will be presenting work on progress next week. I sort of have an idea on how to present it . It will definitely involve a compass and magnifying glass.


I notice that minimalising carbohydrate intake helps my skin to heal properly. My skin isn’t as sensitive as it normally would. *pat pat own shoulder*

Sometimes I do get tired of living rurally like this. The quietness get to you. So every now and again I go to Yogyakarta, to remember what the crowd and chaos feels like. And also I do miss culture and traditions to be near me. Last time I went to Keraton and saw a practice done by the Keraton dancers. The area where they dance smells like Jasmine, they wear pretty Kebaya and dance like angels (with dagger).

River Oyo

I can’t remember whether I have told you about this river. This is one of the river we visit a lot of times. There are two spots, one near the bridge to Wonosari and the other one is in Sompok village. Oh how I could not stress enough how beautiful the nature here are.

One morning when we went, there are the whole village to make the dam permanent. It is a sight of its own.

Presentation Day

One of the things that I notice while working here is that many things happens coincidentally. Not really well organized and planned like I usually insist. This photo above is from the day of presentation. One of the things I would really like to do is to get more people participate in mapping their own village.

It was not hard to do, I did not have to organize and structure it. I did not have to make formal announcement or do all these theoretical audience engagements what nots.

You know what we did? Barbeque and ‘tiwul’ party. And voila, I got young adults and mothers to participate in my mapping project. I guess sometimes its that organic and subtle to gain data.

All these children again.
One day I received a text message from one of the kids. They ask whether we could do ‘melut’ earlier in the morning on the day we have appointment to meet. It was National Teacher’s Day and these kids have a day off.

Now first and foremost, I had no clue what ‘melut’ is. Apparently it is a term they use for seeking rice field eels. OK then.

It turns to be a really fun day playing in the mud. The place isn’t too far 1,7 km away (yes, I still use My Tracks).



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