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Notes of Curiousity : Where the streets, shops and animals has no name.*)

*) adapted from U2 music titled Where the streets has no name.




It caught my curiosity that people in Dlingo and Munthuk don’t name the animals they take care of. Not cats, not cows, chicken. Some of the families here has hamsters or a family of squirrels. But never did they name them. They just know what kind of animal these are and maybe made some observation of what they are like. ‘This cat will be very happy when you stroke him like this’. Or, ‘this calf is somewhat naughty calf’. This is what some of them would say about animals they keep.

I just find it very curious.

I am so used to having animals named. Even on Animal Planet shows where they have documentary on a family of lion in the African savana, for example, the people who film them would give names to these lions. Whenever I visit people who have pets, would talk about their pets with a particular name. At the stable, where I practice horse riding, each and every horse would have a name – even when foal just born. I mean animals should have names, right?

The other thing they also not give names to, are their shops. So when someone explain to me where I could get a certain type of thing, he or she would explain to me, the name of the owner of the shop and where it is located. A sign on the front of their shop will be the last thing you would find.

I still could not make a sense of it. Perhaps it is because the village/town is so small that you would not need any kind of sign? That everyone would know where everything is? HMM.


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