Ancient Historical Themed Games : Zeus/Poseidon, Pharaoh/Cleopatra

Having a father who is an urban planner, I grew up familiar with city building games. Games such as SimCity is one of the first city planning games I played and spent hours and days on it. As a person who takes serious interest in history I celebrate games that features or surround itself in historical events/era (given the gameplay appeals to my taste, of course). I’d like to write some of my thoughts about these games.



I played this when I was in college. In this game you are given scenarios in which you have to complete and accomplish a few mission. The exciting part for me is to build and run the city growing demands. These demands such as food supplies, housing, hygene, governance, entertainment and most importantly tax and trade as it keeps the city running and growing. You get to learn a thing or two how citizen acts and thinks and as the ruler, you are bound to them.

For you who likes Greek Mythology this game offers a fun and light stories. I loved it when I was young. But then as I grew up and played it again, the stories seems to be presented in an action film way. I suppose I am not so much a big fan of action film. But it is still fun nonetheless.

My favorite part is the colors and interface. Everything is bright and airy, taking much from the Mediterranean landscape. Architectural aspects of it are also really nice. Details in product process like growing olive tree, to processing olives to oil and trading olive oils are the things you could expect from this game.

Expect some battles with other colonies, too. However I find the strategical aspect of this battles like controlling the soldiers or troops are not particularly exciting.


2003152928298465399_rs Cleo_profilelarge screenshot3

Set in ancient Egypt, this game offers satisfying graphics. But, perhaps I am a little bit biased because I was so in awe in the incorporation of linen making in this game. It is somewhat similar with Zeus but with a more intricate storytelling and scenarios. It is also an insightful way to learn how pyramids are made and how much work it takes.

The other aspect that is I find really nice is simulation of river farming where they rely so much on the tide. Also, working hazard, I never thought that hippo were once a threat to those sowing flax.


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