Art / History

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Pronounced Lawruh ns /ˈælmə ˈtædɪmə/



Pupil of Royal College


His father was a notary and thought that his son would be a lawyer. His father died when he was 4 and ever since taken care by his mother together with five other siblings. His mother was the one with artistic streak and decided drawing lessons should be incorporated in her child education. At the age of fifteen he was diagnose consumptive and had not a long time to live. Since then he draws and paints, surprisingly, back to health. He decided then to be an artist. In his years of studies, he has intense interest in Merovingian and explores Ancient Egyptians as subjects in his paintings. Through this he established himself as a painter in Classical subjects.

It wasn’t until his move to London that brings him close to the Pre-Raphaelites and thus brought him to Rome. It was there he had an important time and opportunity in studying to ruins of the ancient cities. Here are some of my favorite of his paintings.

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