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natātiō, natātiōnis / swimming

I learn swimming at a very early age. My earliest memories of swimming was with family. My father used to take us to the beach a few times every year. I have an aunt who is a professional gymnast/swimmer who taught me how to swim properly along with techniques for competition. While I never participate in any swimming competition, I managed to squeeze in swimming routine throughout the years. This time I do 1000 m every other day within the week as cardio exercise.

Eventhough I swim in a modern sense of swimming, which involves eye goggles, swimsuit and a cap with mandatory olympic size swimming pool, I also like to think about swimming in a more calm leisurely way. Ancient Roman bath houses for example and nude swimming in the lake or a waterfall.

‘The poem could not have said it any better. Personally, I think- opting out swimming in beach/ocean -swimming is enjoyed better nude.

Bathing is a sport, Enjoyed by great and small

In suits of any sort, Though better none at all.

[Anonymous,  19th-century poem]

Here are some of my favorite paintings

Roman Bath, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema,


Swimming by Thomas Eakins


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